• Three Cups Theme Blog Entry
    List at least three quotes from the book that support your assigned theme. Then write a strong paragraph stating your theme and evidence. Use the details below to write your paragraph.
    Groups 1 & 2 - When faced with hardships or obstacles, use these challenges to make new opportunities for one's self.
    Groups 3 & 4 - Never underestimate the power of a person and his/her desire to change the world one step at a time.
    Groups 5 & 6 - By overcoming and learning to accept cultural differences, we can build bridges between others and bring peace.
    Groups 7 & 8 - Through education, individuals are empowered and change is possible.
    Paragraph Directions:

    - Start with a sentence grabber ( quote, scenario or statistic related to your theme)

    - Brief summary of the plot of the book (2-3 sentences)

    - Clearly state your theme

    - Support your theme with the quotes you listed. Write one or two sentences to explain how that quote supports the theme.