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    • Imagine you are alone in a huge desert. There is an isolated patch of trees and water. There are animals for food, but no one to show you how to survive… –Suppose you have a back pack full of gear. What would you take and why? Remember, space is limited and you have to be able to carry everything in your pack.
    • Now suppose that you are the only survivor of a plane crash in the desert. You have nothing but the clothes you are wearing and the plants and animals native to the area. How would you create substitutes for the survival gear you listed above? Create substitutes only for the most important items.
    • How are Mary and Peter feeling in the desert all by themselves not knowing if they will survive or not? Describe the relationship between Mary and Peter. Who is taking care of who? Use ACE to answer your questions
    Chapters 1 - 4 
    • List passages and page numbers that  describe the relationship between Mary and Peter.  How do they treat each other?  What are their roles as brother and sister?  Who is the one in charge?  Who needs who?
    Chapters 6 & 7
    • Mary is jealous of the companionship Peter finds with the bush boy, and she wishes that she were a boy so she could share in their fun.
      List several passages showing this jealousy.

    • What attitudes do the Peter and the bush boy have in common?

    • What chores or other activities do they share that Mary does not participate in?

    • Do you think Mary feels left out because she is a girl or because of something else?

    • How would Mary have to change to break out of her loneliness? - Use passages or quotes to support your answers (ACE)
    An Aborigine Comes to Town - Blog Entry
    The Aboriginal shows Mary and Peter how to survive in the desert by finding food and water.  What does it take to survive in your environment?  Imagine an Aboriginal has come to spend a year at your school.  The Aboriginal will live with your family so he or she does not need to look for food or clothing.  What would you teach the Aboriginal about surviving in your environment? Write a 1-2 page story that describes your attempt to teach the Aboriginal to get along in your community.

    Figurative Language
    • List ten examples of figurative language in the book so far.  Write the passage from the book followed by the page number 
    Chapter 14
    Explain the meaning of the last paragraph in page 123.  "It was the smile that broke Mary's heart..."  Use ACE to expand upon this.  Give specific examples of how Mary was earlier in the book compared to at this point, when the bush boy dies. 
    How They've Changed! - News Article Writing Project
    • During their experience in the desert, Mary and Peter learn a lot about themselves and about the world in which they live.  Imagine you are a newspaper reporter in Charleston, South Carolina.  You have interviewed Mary and Peter about their experiences in Australia.  - Write a five paragraph story about Mary and Peter for your newspaper.  Emphasize in the story how Mary and Peter changed as a result of their time in the desert.  It will appear on the front page of the Charleston GazetteBe sure to include quotations from Mary and Peter in your story along with how these quotes show how they've changed.  See more writing details below.  Write a headline for your article and include a drawing done in PAINT (or another Google drawing) of Mary's house, the one she drew in the mud before meeting the Aborigine family. Make sure you save it as a JPEG file in the Save As window under File Type.

    Paragraph 1 - Summarize what happened to Mary and Peter.  Transition at the end of the paragraph to how your assigned person (Mary or Peter) changed. 
    Paragraph 2 - In detail, tell how Mary or Peter (whichever one you are writing about) has changed.  Focus on one aspect of change in this paragraph such as prejudice, self reliance or which one is the leader.  Include detailed quotes and explanations.  
    Paragraph 3 - Tell about a second aspect of how they have changed.  Include detailed quotes and explanations.  
    Paragraph 4 - Tell about a third aspect of how they have changed.  Include detailed quotes and explanations.  
    Paragraph 5 - Write about what happened after Mary and Peter left the Aborigine family by the lagoon and towards modern civilization.