• Maricela Questions

    Directions: Answer all sets of questions in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper. You do not need to write out the questions.


    Video Comprehension Questions

    • Why does Maricela’s mother say she won’t tell her husband that she has taken a job as a housekeeper?

    • Why is Stacy resentful about Maricela’s coming to live with them before she even meets Maricela?

    • Why do all of Stacy’s friends stare at Maricela? Why does Stacy act differently when her friends are around?

    • Why is Stacy so surprised to find out that Maricela’s mother was a math teacher in El Salvador?

    • Why does Stacy walk in a change the tape Maricela is listening to without even asking if it is all right to do so?

    Personal Response Questions

    • Why does Maricela’s mother give up her job as a math teacher to come to the United States? Would you do the same thing?

    • Stacy’s friend Glenda says immigrants like Maricela and her mother are taking jobs away from the Americans. What do you think about this statement?

    • How do you treat people from other cultures or countries who come to Price?

    • Why do you think Maricela and Stacy come to a better understanding of each other?

    • Should Stacy have been included in the discussion about Maricela and her mother coming to her house? How would you feel if your parents did what Stacy’s parents did?

    Immigration in General

    • What are some reasons why people immigrate to the United States from other countries?

    • Do you think immigrants, for the most part, find a better life in the United States? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

    • Often people have wrong ideas about new immigrants coming to the United States. What are some ways these wrong ideas can be made right? Explain.