• Comparative Essay between the movie Color of Friendship and Maricela

    Title: Race relations in the movies The Color of Friendship and Maricela

    This essay is to compare and contrast the relationships and issues in the two movies.

    Paragraph 1 – Introduce what the essay is about. Briefly tell what each movie is about and how this essay seeks to compare the themes in both the movies.

    Paragraph 2 – Summarize the plot of The Color of Friendship. Describe the relationship between the Dullums and Mahree. Describe the

    cultural differences, misunderstandings and conflicts between the characters. What were these misunderstandings based on?

    Paragraph 3 – Summarize the plot of Maricela. Describe the relationship between Stacy and Maricela. Describe the misunderstandings and conflict between the characters. What were the misunderstandings based on?

    Paragraph 4 – Describe some of the similar issues the characters face in both movies. Discuss how they come to understand each other. How were their lives different as a result of their experience?

    Paragraph 5 – In both movies the main characters were about your age. What is your personal response to the issues brought up in both movies? Were the characters justified in their actions? Was it possible for them to avoid many of the issues they ran into and if so, how? What might you have done differently in their situation?