• The Omnivore's Dilemma

    Directions: Answer the following trivia questions on a blank sheet of paper in complete sentences.

    1. List the four different food chains written about in the book?  (Hint: Each chain has its own part in the book)
    2. How big is a bushel 
    3. What is Ethanol and how is it used?
    4. What percentage of the national corn crop goes to animal feed?
    5. What is a CAFO?
    6. How many grams of fat does a grass fed cattle have versus grain fed?
    7. List 20 different things made from corn.
    8. How many ingredients in a Twinkie?
    9. List 10 ingredients in a Twinkie that you have never heard of. 
    10. How much has childhood obesity risen from 1971 to 2006?
    11. How many calories in a McDonalds french fries in 2009?
    12. What’s the name of the chemical in chicken nuggets that’s petroleum based and may cause vomiting?
    13. How has high fructose corn syrup affected childhood obesity?
    14. Which farm grows 80% of the organic lettuce in the US?
    15. What countries do we import fruits and vegetables from?
    16. What does the term “food miles” mean?
    17. What types of grazing takes place in a typical year at Polyface Farms. 
    18. What’s an eggmobile?
    19. How far do Polyface farms chickens travel?
    20. How many types of mushrooms are poisonous versus safe to eat?
    21. List four different styles of vegetarian. 
    22. How much of North American cattle is slaughtered using a Double-Rail System?  What’s the advantage of this type of system?
    23. List five things on Chez Pollan’s menu.
    24. List the three MAIN parts to Pollan’s tips for eating.


    Follow Up Questions:

    • Which of these trivia questions stood out the most to you and why?
    • Which of these questions relates to you the most and why?
    • Create a couple of sketches to go with your anwers.