•  About Mr. Schertle istanbul

    Some Interesting Things...
     Places I have Traveled.

    North America

    • 48 of the U.S. states including Alaska and Hawaii
    • Mexico - All over

    Central and South America

    • Peru
    • Guatemala
    • Honduras
    • Nicaragua
    • El Salvador


    • England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.


    • Turkey
    • Philippines
    • Vietnam


    • Morocco

    Oceania (Australia)

    • Cook Islands - South Pacific

    Funniest Thing that Ever Happened to Me

    • No Doubt playing in my backyard during my high school graduation party.

    Some of my favorite things:

    • My Family
    • Working On My House (a 1913 Craftsman!)
    • Hiking and Backpacking
    • Travel
    • Hanging out with friends
    • Making stuff
    • R/C Airplanes

    My Favorite music

    • U2
    • Ska (No Doubt - Madness - Five Iron Frenzy)
    • Poor Old Lou
    • They Might Be Giants
    • REM

    My Favorite TV shows/Movies.

    • Shows

    The Office

    - BBC Crime Dramas like Foyle's War

    - Battlestar Galactica

    - Doctor Who

    - Mythbusters

    • Movies

    - Star Wars

    - Lord of the Rings

    - Foreign Films

    My Favorite Books

    (we're a reading family)
    • Fastfood Nation
    • Better Off
    • God's Politics

    Two Most Important Documents I Own

    • Library Card
    • Passport

    When I Grow Up...

    • I want to own my own Ice Cream Company
    • ...and be a teacher!